What do you do with an Alpaca?
They provide an excellent investment opportunity, and are the source of luxurious fibre. The fleece, comparable to cashmere, is known for its fineness, light weight, and luster. Alpaca textile products are recognized worldwide. Everyone should own a soft, warm Alpaca sweater.
What do Alpacas do besides grow fibre?
They make excellent companion animals and are also show animals with high aesthetic appeal. They have loveable dispositions. Alpacas are easily trained to lead and are gentle enough to be handled by children. There are always a hit in a parade.

What do Alpacas eat?
They are ruminants, which means the chew cud like a cow or deer. They survive well on different kinds of low protein hay or pasture grass, providing it has a balanced mineral content. Because Alpacas evolved in harsh conditions, they utilize their food more efficiently then other ruminants. They cost about as much per month to feed as a dog.

Are Alpacas Smart?
Yes, they are amazingly alert animals who quickly learn to halter and lead. They constantly communicate with each other through body posture, tail and ear movements and a variety of sounds. The sound heard most often is a soft humming, a mild expression befitting a gentle animal.

Are Alpacas easy to care for?
They are small and easy to maintain,, rarely overeat and require no extraordinary care. They should have basic shelter for protection against heat and foul weather. They do not challenge fences. They simply need shearing worming and vaccinations.

How much acreage does it take to raise Alpacas?
They are an ideal small acreage livestock. You can comfortably stock between five and ten animals per acres. This makes the Alpaca ideal for people who have only a few acres and who want the pleasure of a small herd and a healthy investment return.

How do you transport a Alpacas?
They are stress resistant, load and travel calmly and can be transported in the family mini van, station wagon, utility vehicle or horse trailer. Some breeders have been known to transport their Alpacas in small planes. Once enroute, the Alpaca lies down and enjoys the ride.

What do you call a Alpaca?
A baby is known as a Cria. The weaned crias are known as weanlings or tuis. In Spanish, the adult males are known as Machos and the females are Hembras

Are Alpacas dangerous?
Absolutely not! They are safe and pleasant to be around. They do not bite or butt, and they do not have the teeth, horns, hooves, or claws to do serious injury.

Can you pack with an Alpaca?
They can carry a small child or a light backpack on summer outings, but for heavier loads the larger llama is more appropriate.

Alpaca Fiber Color Chart

100W - White

360 BB - Bay Black

201 B - Beige

500 TB - True Black

202 LF - Light Fawn

401 LSG - Light Silver Grey

204 MF - Medium Fawn

401 LSG - Medium Silver Grey

205 DF - Dark Fawn

404 DSG - Dark Silver Grey

209 LB - Light Brown

408 LSG - Light Rose Grey

301 MB - Medium Brown

211 MRG - Medium Rose Grey

410 DB - Dark Brown

306 DRG - Dark Rose Grey


Can you pack with an Alpaca?
They can carry a small child or a light backpack on summer outings, but for heavier loads the larger llama is more appropriate.

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